Life is a Highway: American Car Culture

Life is a Highway: Art and American Car Culture Beginning June 15 | Canaday Gallery

The first large-scale domestic exhibition to provide a historical overview of this topic with an emphasis upon the Midwest, Life is a Highway will bring together a diverse selection of artists to showcase the automobileís reshaping of the 20th-century American landscape and cultural attitudes of self-expression. Featuring more than 100 works from the Toledo Museum of Artís own collection and both private and public loans, this exhibition will chart the rise of automobility as a visual icon of American identity. With works spanning from early depictions through the Pop Artistsí portrayal of the automobileís impact upon consumer culture to the present, the carís image as a symbol of newness, freedom and independence, mobility, and renewal will be explored. Organized through four themes that call attention to the social, aesthetic, environmental, and industrial dimensions of its legacy, this exhibition will include a range of visual media.