Anna Boothe - "Heart In Hand" Glass Sculpture

Anna Boothe - "Heart In Hand" Glass Sculpture
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Anna Boothe - "Heart In Hand" Glass Sculpture
4 3/4" Length x 1 5/8" Width x 2 1/ 2" Height. Cast Glass.

Anna Boothe - Ohio Native

Pragmatically, my process, lost wax frit and traditional pate de verre (glass pate) casting, tests my humility. It requires a patience and focus that is a perpetual challenge for me. As a former professional pastry chef, I sometimes view the forms I create in glass as a type of permanent baking. Kiln-cast glass yields results that are translucent and often candy-like. Consequently, the fused material allows light to define form, and to glow from within. The material becomes the perfect metaphorical vehicle for projecting both my one-of-kind and limited-edition investigations.

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