Joel Sanderson "Pandora"

Joel Sanderson "Pandora"
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Joel Sanderson "Pandora"
Joel Sanderson - Regional Artist

Artist Statement

When we look at a work of art, we see the object, but we also see what it means to us. This meaning is compilation of conscious and subconscious memories which are assembled by the art (and the artist) into a new idea, thought or experience. This intangible image, which sometimes is moving, sometimes is stationary, sometimes pleasant, others gruesome, is the quality I work to develop in my sculptures (functional and non functional alike) because it is this which makes a work of art an experience. An experience is something happening, and something happening is a journey, and a journey is made by things which are aliveŚwhich in iron can only happen because we are shown something which isnĺt there. Bio Joel Sanderson was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1969. When he was nine years old his family returned to the family farm near Quincy, Michigan. It was there, in 1984 that he converted an old unused farm building into his blacksmith shop, enabling him to pursue his interest in hot metal. In 1993, he had the opportunity to work for blacksmith Michael Bendele, an experience which introduced Joel to the principles of power forging. In 1996, Joel moved to Ancram, New York where he worked for Arrowsmith Forge. Returning to Michigan a year later he has since pursued his career of sculpting metal in his home studio where he began in his youth. Joel works primarily in iron (mild steel) but also forges copper, bronzes, stainless steel as well as other metals which lend themselves to the methods he uses. Each element is heated and then formed by hammering, pressing, bending, and sinking to achieve the effect Joel intends. When the parts are joined together the final form is polished, sanded and finished with a sealant to protect it in its intended environment. About half of Joelĺs work is custom, site specific or architectural, designed and fitted to a specific location. He also makes sculptural pieces, functional and nonfunctional for both interior and exterior use, which he sells through galleries. Joel lives with his wife and daughter on Maple road near Quincy, Michigan.

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