Elio Quarisa - Dragon Vase with Swan

Elio Quarisa - Dragon Vase with Swan
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Elio Quarisa was born in Murano in 1936. His formative years developed during WW II, forcing him to enter the glass factory world at the age of 9 years old… like many Maestros he grew up with. He was affirmed as “Primo Maestro” at the prestigious Barovier & Toso glass studio after 27 years. He also worked with numerous famous glass studios and designers including Seguso Vetri D’Arte-working with Professor Poli, famous designer for Venini-working with Fulvio Bianconi, Moretti Ulderico, Veteria De Mayo, Elite, among many others.

Maestro Quarisa also taught at numerous schools and universities throughout Europe, Japan, and of course, the United States.

Much as his passion was creating glass, it was only equaled by his never ending will to pass along his legacy, and deep connection to classic Muranese Glass. His greatest reward was when students would say “Maestro Elio, your passion has inspired me so, that you have changed my life!” This truly was the magic and essence of Elio.

Dragon Vase with Swan

Measures: 14"h. x 5.5" dia.

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