Music From the Invisable Hand by Heavy Color

Music From the Invisable Hand by Heavy Color
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Product Description

Curious Music is pleased to announce the CD/DL release of Music for the film Invisible Hand by Heavy Color. A vinyl release will follow in January 2021.

Executive produced by actor Mark Ruffalo and directed by award-winning filmmakers Joshua Pribanic and Melissa Troutman, Invisible Hand is the world’s first documentary film about the Rights of Nature movement, which critics call a “paradigm shifting” story about the global battle between Nature, capitalism and democracy. Ruffalo has spent years as a water defender and environmental advocate. “More and more, we are waking up to the fact that the world around us is being poisoned,” Ruffalo said. “The water, air and land have become toxic dumps, and the law is rigged against us.” Cradled in both Haudenosaunee prophecy and free market economic theory, the result is a film that asks, “If a corporation has rights, why can’t an ecosystem?”

Drawing inspiration from nature, Heavy Color composed much of the score for winds, strings and voice, something of a departure from the dense electronic approach of their previous releases. Joining Cohen and Woldenberg on Music for the film Invisible Hand are Patrick Booth (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone), Mike Savina (Electric Guitar), Wesley Hornpetrie (Cello), Jeffrey Niemeier (Violin and Electric Violin) and Estar Cohen (Vocals).