Rebel Nell "Patricia" Small Pendant

Rebel Nell "Patricia" Small Pendant
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Product Description

Rebel Nell "Patricia" Small Pendant
Every piece sold directly supports the women employed at Rebel Nell.

Rebel Nell began in 2013 with the mission to employ women facing barriers to employment in Detroit, educate them on financial management, life wellness and entrepreneurship, and empower them to transition to a life of independence.

This piece is made from Detroit's Dequindre Cut with layers of graffiti and history have begun to peel away and fall from the walls. After it has fallen, Rebel Nell collects this paint and gives it a new life in our unique pieces.

In its past life the Dequindre Cut was part of an extensive set of rail lines owned by Grand Trunk Railroad. These lines were essential to the automotive industry, carrying both parts and automobiles. After the decline in rail usage, the line was abandoned. A short time later, the bridges and overpasses became canvases for Detroit's graffiti artists.