2019 Limited Edition Waterlily Ornament *Pre-Order*

2019 Limited Edition Waterlily Ornament *Pre-Order*
Item# 030693

Product Description

Eleventh Edition Ornament produced by the Toledo Museum of Art

Inspired by the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

Ohio native and international award winning artist Bandhu Dunham created this elegant ornament using hot glass and skilled lampworking techniques. Inspired by Claude Monetís water lilies and the traditions of glassblowing, each ornament is an intricate assemblage of translucent white glass tinged with precious metal fuming. Gold is delicately dispersed onto the glass as a hot vapor by the artists of Salusa Glassworks, leaving a range of colors from pale peach and pink to richer purple and gold tones. The gold has a mind of its own and no two lilies are exactly alike in shape or color. An emerald green lily pad peeks out below the flower to complete the design.

*This is a Pre-Order for the 2019 Limited Edition Waterlily Ornament. Order shipments will go out on November 1st 2019 when the product launches.*