2019 Flamingo Macchia Studio Edition by Dale Chihuly

2019 <i>Flamingo Macchia </i> Studio Edition by Dale Chihuly
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Product Description

Flamingo Macchia Studio Edition

“No other material gives you color like glass does. No other material has the ability to take in light and radiate out color like glass.” --Dale Chihuly

The Macchia series provided Dale Chihuly with a blank canvas allowing him to express his deep appreciation of color. To realize his vision, he developed a new application technique, combining opaque and transparent pigments through which he would manipulate light.

The 2019 Flamingo MacchiaStudio Edition embodies the radiant properties of glass through its unrestrained palette of colors. Varying hues of rose, blue, and orange daub the multifaceted exterior while a spiraling red tonal body wrap emphasizes the ebb and flow of the rippled form. The dazzling lemon-yellow interior pulls light within the sculpture to create a dualistic illusion of opacity and transparency. A black lip wrap tethers these flamboyant exchanges of color.

Edition of 175. Signed by the artist Approximately 6-1/2” H x 7” W x 7” D Accompanied by a 10” x 10” acrylic display vitrine and a copy of Chihuly: On Fire.