The Promise of Happiness

The Promise of Happiness
Item# 029896

Product Description

Inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau, Fanny Shorter designed this unique jungle watch design. The tiger looks to the moon for the hour, while his stripes show you the minutes.

Fanny Shorter designed and illustrated this tiny jungle scene for Mr. Jones. She took inspiration from the details that are found in traditional Indian miniature painting. The art is printed on different planes of the watch - the underside of the glass to the dial and minute disc. The print creates a sense of depth and allows the time keeping element of the watch to be completely emerged in the jungle.

How to tell the time: The minutes are part of the pattern of the tiger's stripes, while the hours sit within the moon in the night sky. The hidden minutes create a wonderful sense of mystery. It means that only you, the owner, will know how to use the watch.