Ohio Bar Tool Set

Ohio Bar Tool Set
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Product Description

Ohio Bar Tool Set
Set of Three: Ohio Bartool, Ohio Key Round, and Pocket Monkey

Bartool: Made in America, this 18/8 stainless steel bottle opener is laser cut & finished with a laser-engraved design. It's the perfect compliment to your kitchen, allowing you to always be ready for Open Beer Season.

Key Rounds: Keyround opens easily, but stays closed when it's supposed to. The ends are designed only to open in one plane, and they interlock to avoid anything sliding off accidentally. The patent-pending design is truly unique. The fine detail of our laser cutter can take full advantage of that flat surface. We've designed a number of different rings, so you can add personality and sophistication to your EDC key chain, without attaching a needlessly hard to open, outdated, key ring.

Pocket Monkey: PocketMonkey® is a 12-in-1 multitool that fits in your wallet, so it's always there when you need it. From opening bottles to adjusting screws, PocketMonkey helps you conquer life's everyday tasks. And it's even TSA-compliant, so you can take it with you whenever you fly.

Made in the USA from heat-treated stainless steel, PocketMonkey won't won't bend, break, or rust. It features:
Bottle Opener
Flat Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Micro Screwdriver
Phone Kickstand
Bottle Opener
Letter Opener
Door Latch Slip
Hex Wrenches
Headphone wrap
Orange Peeler