I Approve This Message Badge

I Approve This Message Badge
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Product Description

I Approve This Message Badge
1.5" pin

Choose above from top left to lower right: "I Approve this Message & Color Bar", "Blue, Red, Magenta & Green", "Color Bar", "Stars in Upper Left", "I Approve this Message", "Green, Blue, Yellow, White" or "Stars at Top"

Imagery, music, sound effects, camera angles and words convey the message of political ads—but are they speaking to your heart or your head? I Approve This Message explores emotional responses to political ads by decoding the symbols and cues meant to influence viewers. Historic, even shocking, political ads are spotlighted in the Canaday Gallery where you can interact with, dissect and answer the question, “Would these have impacted my vote?” Even if you think you never want to see another political ad again, this nonpartisan, take-no-prisoners exhibition is unexpected, spirited and surprising. It will give you new insights into what you see and hear during the U.S. presidential election season.