Night Sectional Globe

Night Sectional Globe
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Product Description

Night Sectional Globe
The Sectional Globes are self-assembled globes. The core framework, made of ultra-thin cardboard, is printed with the internal construction of the earth, while the surface sheets depict the outlines of the oceans, continents, and countries. After assembly, the globes are designed to lean at the precise angle of the earth's axis, 23.4 degrees.

Flourescent ink stores energy from daylight or artificial sources so you can experience how urban areas appear from space at night. Learn about the earth's structure when you assemble the core parts and the surface parts.

Marumo Printing is a long-established printing company based in Mitoyo-City, Kagawa prefecture, Japan. Initially focused on commercial printing, Marumo expanded its horizons in recent years by developing and producing their own brands in partnership with various Japanese design studios. Like many Japanese manufacturers, Marumo places great importance on quality and innovative production techniques; their sectional globes feature unique printing methods such as UV-screen printing and 3D printing.

Finished size is approximately 7.8"