Völuskrín Game

Völuskrín Game
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Product Description

Under their beds in Icelandic farm houses the children had a hiding place. There they kept their treasures, toys that were made of an assortment of things that they found while playing or working on the farms. Their treasures were kept in a Völuskrín, or a little chest, like this one. The imagination was let loose and bones, thread cylinders, and other strange things became important parts of an imaginary world where monsters and goblins lived. Lovingly recreated by Icelandic designers, Völuskrín is intended to promote and reestablish Iceland's original toys.

The farm stands at the root of a towering mountain nestled in a small valley in the countryside. Near the farm is a small stream and in the fields the livestock roam and feed.

The Völuskrín contains: The wooden box: Can also be used as the farmhouse when the lid is reversed. The back of the box has a picture of a mountain that can also be used in the game.

The fences: Can be used in the game as fences but also contain information about the Völuskrín. Inside the fences the history of the toys can be found, each animal is given a name and the game is described. Each fence has its in structions in the following languages: German, English, Icelandic, Danish and French.

The bones: The Völuskrín contains 13 bones that are made from hard plastic and modelled on the original forms of the sheep bones.