Eye Enamel Bowl

Eye Enamel Bowl
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Enamel on tin bowl measures 6.5" in diameter and about 3" deep. Dishwasher safe.

TOILETPAPER is a picture-based magazine founded in 2010 by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. Over the last three years, photos published in the magazine have been applied to a variety of products and media, exploring the multiple possibilities for images to live beyond their original format.

TOILETPAPER has been featured in prestigious magazines and institutions from the Highline Billboard in NYC's Chelsea to Paris' Palais de Tokyo’s front windows; from a special edition of Libèration to a contribution with M le Monde’s Carte Blanche section, as well as a fashion story in New York Magazine’s Spring 2014 fashion issue.

A selection of images from the magazine become the decorative motif of the Toiletpaper-Seletti design collection. a kitchen plunger, a rampant horse, the severed fingers (already on display on Manhattan’s High Line billboard) and a pulp interpretation of the famous “I love you”, A toad in a sandwich, the apple-shaped Yin & Yang symbol and the eye with the eyelash curler; a fish full of precious gems and a table set with “unexpected” guests are the images towering over the tablecloths. The novel idea of creating a line which combines democratic and common materials such as tin and plastic with definitely unexpected images have declared the undisputed success of the Seletti wears Toiletpaper collection. The style, a sort of label given by the unique humor and unlimited desire to experiment, is successful because it is applicable to a wide range of products, able to be sold around the world.