Gustaf Fjaestad 'Silence-Winter' Holiday Boxed Notecards

Gustaf Fjaestad 'Silence-Winter' Holiday Boxed Notecards
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Product Description

Inside message: Season’s Greetings.

Contains 12 5x7 Greeting Cards

Born in Stockholm, Gustaf Fjaestad (1868–1948) studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and went on to assist well-known Swedish painter Carl Larsson with his famous Nationalmuseum murals. A follower of the late nineteenth-century Theosophy spiritual movement—an early forerunner of today's New Age movement—Fjaestad sought to explore the metaphysical powers of nature in his art. In 1897 he and his artist wife, Maja, left the capital for the countryside, moving to the rural village of Arvika and establishing an art colony there with friends. Surrounded by nature's grandeur, Fjaestad specialized in painting scenes of ice and snow, brilliantly capturing the quiet majesty of Sweden's winter landscape.

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks. The box features text about the image and/or artist.