Visual Aid 2

Visual Aid 2
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Product Description

Paperback, 160 pages.

Visual Aid 2: You Can Never Know Enough Stuff takes a further look at informative, useful and quirky facts with the emphasis on informing the reader of random things they probably wont have known before.

Following on from the successful Visual Aid: Stuff You’ve Forgotten, Things You Never Thought You Knew and Lessons You Didn’t Quite Get Around to Learning, Visual Aid 2 delves deeper into the factual world, looking at the informative, useful and quirky things we have all been told about, may have once known, or probably should know.

Visual Aid 2 is presented in the same small, accessible size, with fun, unique imagery that appeals to all ages, making this a colourful visually charming book that it is impossible not to get drawn into. Visual Aid 2 is devoted to the areas of food and cooking; sports and games; the animal kingdom; history; science and society among many others, providing a diverse range of both useful and eccentric information.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself these questions- ‘When did man start to walk upright?’, ‘Where’s the language of Xhosa spoken?’ or ‘How many positions are there in yoga?’ then this is the book for you. Visual Aid 2 presents these facts in a colourful, engaging and distinctly visual way. You won’t be able to put it down!