French Handmade Soap - The Black Collection

French Handmade Soap - The Black Collection
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Product Description

Our dearest wish is to share our passion with you. We’ve spent hours crumpling paper, composing imaginary and fanciful bouquets, embroidering rhymes with mousses and perfumes...

All our soaps are handmade in the workshops of a master soap maker, respecting traditional know how. To 100% vegetable bases, we add raw materials of the highest quality; vegetable oils of organic extraction, clays, mountain made honey, essential oils, seaweed...

All ingredients have been chosen with the utmost care – transforming your skin care routine into a moment of pleasure unlike any other, an authentic sensation of well being.

The Black Collection - Stimulating Soaps

Invigorating perfumes and ingredients containing stimulating properties come together for a veritable energizing cocktail in the original formulas of these handmade soaps

Seaweed: with extracts of fucus and centella asiatica*, well known for their stimulating and circulatory properties, and the invigorating scent of sea spray, this soap encourages good skin tone.

Coffee: coffee* and curcuma* for their toning qualities, shea butter* and walnut oil* for softness, this soap with its gentle exfoliating effect is ideal for an invigorating start to the day.

Black Tea: discover in this subtly scented soap the full-bodied finesse of Ceylon tea leaves and the creamy texture of sweet almond oil*. Suitable for all skin types.

* ingredients from organic produce

Pure vegetable soap – containing no colouring agents or parabens – the finished product is not tested on animals

Handmade in France