Faith Ringgold Paints Crown Heights DVD

Faith Ringgold Paints Crown Heights DVD
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An inspirational look by Faith Ringgold, an African-American Artist, at twelve cultures that have settled in Crown Heights. Through folktales and painting this documentary shows how these diverse cultures have contributed to the American spirit.

“Culture is forever,” declares Robert Farris Thompson, (Professor of History of Art and African-American Art, Yale University) as he provides insightful commentary throughout the documentary. Both the creative and technical aspects of making the Crown Heights painted quilt are thoroughly presented by the artist as it is being made. Ringgold describes in detail her process of preparing and quilting the canvas, using an under-painting, establishing a color palette, and adding glazes of color. “The message of this quilt is that we are all chosen,” concludes Robert Farris Thompson.

On being a visual artist, Ringgold speaks to the budding artist, “It’s creative, it's imaginative, and it's hard work. Painting is hard work.” Ringgold also comments on the cultural heritage addressed in this piece. She emphasizes that the differences in people are wonderful. “Everyone’s culture works for them. If it works for them, some part of it may work for you,” says Ringgold.