The Interactive Art Book

The Interactive Art Book
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The Interactive Art Book
By: Roy van der Meer and Frank Whitford, Hardcover, 14 pages

Ages: 6+

Learn about fundamental concepts such as light and color, pattern and composition, narrative, style, and movement, and much more. Inventive paper engineering brings the subjects to life with pop-ups and lift-the-flaps. From the Dutch masters to the impressionists up through Picasso, this fun and informative activity book will inspire all ages.

This book presents art in a way that is understandable, entertaining, and exciting for older children and art lovers.

• 60 art masterpieces—25 of them with lift-the-flaps—and all of them illustrating something about the process of making and appreciating art.

• 12 three-dimensional models showing perspective, color-mixing, the illusion of movement, abstract composition and more.

• 18-page removable Activity Book with instructions for composing pictures and making prints, collages, scratch pictures, potato prints, sculptures, and more.