Stories from the Billabong

Stories from the Billabong
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By: James Vance Marshall, Francis Firebrace (Illustrator, hardcover, 64 pages, ages: 5-8

In Stories from the Billabong, a renowned author authentically and elegantly retells ten of Australia's ancient aboriginal legends. Here readers discover how Great Mother Snake created and peopled the world with plants and creatures, what makes frogs croak, why kangaroos have pouches, and just what it is that makes platypuses so special. The illustrations are by the aboriginal artist and storyteller Francis Firebrace, whose distinctive, colorful work is known throughout Australia and beyond. He uses the four traditional colors of aboriginal art (black, white, red, and yellow), as well as his experiences as a member of the Yorta-Yorta, to make these stories live on the page. A beautiful, imaginative book to open new frontiers in children’s minds, Stories from the Billabong shows a master storyteller and distinguished artist each at the height of their powers.