The Street Art Stencil Book

The Street Art Stencil Book
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Product Description

Containing 20 laser cut stencils from the world's leading street artists, this book is a must for artists, illustrators, and anyone who loves street art. The stencils are printed on perforated card stock so that they can be removed and used. Each artist has created an in-situ photograph to accompany their stencil, showing how they would use it. The book includes an interview with the founder of stencil art, the Paris-based artist Blek Le Rat.

ON.Studio is a London-based graphic design company run by partners Oliver Walker and Nigel Roberts. Books designed by ON.Studio include Guerilla Art, Art by Tattooists: Beyond Flash for Laurence King Publishing and monographs of artists Paul Insect and JR for the Lazarides Gallery.