Draw Me a House

Draw Me a House
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Product Description

A Book of Colouring in, Ideas and Architectural Inspiration by Thibaud Herem

Softcover, 240 pages

Draw Me a House is a playbook for budding architects and anyone interested in the built environment. Illustrated by Thibaud Herem, it celebrates the primary delights of architecture, inviting people of all ages to color in, think about, doodle and engage with basic architectural elements. Both educational and entertaining, Draw Me a House takes the reader on a journey through architectural styles from Gothic church spires to contemporary eco-design, and out the other side to the world of outright fantasy. From completing the columns on the Parthenon to thinking up an alternative top to the Chrysler Building; from drawing a deluxe doghouse to designing a transport system for the year 2040, this book will serve as a springboard for the imagination--a fresh and playful source of stimulation and inspiration. Thibaud Heremís beautiful drawings have a warmth and a humor that jumps off the page, and the ideas have an equal lightness of touch. Printed on a heavy, creamy uncoated paper that begs to be doodled upon and colored in, and sporting a laser-cut cover that highlights its tactile appeal, Draw Me a House is a book that will delight children and adults alike.