Small Worlds Exhibition Catalog

Small Worlds Exhibition Catalog
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Small Worlds is designed in three distinct parts: the exhibition itself, a print publication, and a multimedia online catalogue, each complementary to the others. While nothing replaces the act of seeing works of art in person, the print catalogue and the online version are designed to enhance your journey through the small worlds the artists have created.

The print catalogue is a unique design, featuring a fold-out map with an essay by exhibition curator Amy Gilman; a mini-book discussing the work of the five artists included in the exhibition, plus the Museum’s own Tumbleweed Tiny House; and an accordion-fold checklist of the works featured in Small Worlds, all contained in an attractive box. Access to additional information about the artists and their work—including video interviews and images with a zoom feature—is provided through Quick Response (QR) codes that can be scanned with a smart phone to connect the reader to the innovative online catalogue.