Edward Drummond Libbey, American Glassmaker

Edward Drummond Libbey, American Glassmaker
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Edward Drummond Libbey was a glassmaker, industrialist, artist, innovator and art collector. Both practical and creative, he forever changed the glass industry with the automatic bottle-making machine and automatic sheet glass machine. This work examines the long career of Libbey, particularly his innovation of American flint cut glass, his contributions to the middle-class American table through affordable glassware, and his enormous art glass and painting collections, which eventually formed the basis for the Toledo Museum of Art𠏋 collection. Libbey single-handedly revolutionized glassmaking, a craft which had gone virtually unchanged for 2000 years.

Author Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr., holds a Ph.D. in manufacturing management from the University of Toledo and is a professor of business at the University of Findlay. He is the author of more than 20 books on industrial history, business organization and manufacturing principles. He lives in Maumee, Ohio.

242 pages, softcover