Twisting Leaf Graphite Object

Twisting Leaf Graphite Object
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Product Description

Unfurling toward the blaze of the sun, leaves bask to sustain us. Like open palms, they gather and harness energy from light, a miracle that is the foundation for nearly all life on earth. Our prosperity depends on its ability to thrive and grow, for we breathe its oxygen, eat of its body and take refuge in its canopy. As Walt Whitman implies in “Leaves of Grass” we, and they are myriad, extending through rich, black soil across the reach of continents.

Functional art objects, modern in design and intricately detailed. Formed in graphite, each one is handmade in the USA using innovative techniques and traditional studio skills. Writes like a pencil. Won't rub off on your hands.

Measures around 6.5"