Leon Golub: Don't Tread On Me!

Leon Golub: Don't Tread On Me!
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Essays by Robert Enright and Meeka Walsh. Interview by Douglas Dreishpoon. Leon Golub is best known for his large-scale paintings of violence and the abuse of power, scenes as colossal in brutality as they are in size. But, throughout his long career, Golub was a prolific draftsman as well. With subjects ranging from the classical to the erotic, and media ranging from oil sticks, to conte crayons, to inks, to acrylics, Golub's drawings interrogate the condition of our world. His first major drawing period began when he was a student in the 1940s. He began to articulate the figure in motion as he embraced Graeco-Roman sculpture, and in recent years (2000-2004) his drawings became more informal and spontaneous, with subjects ranging from aggression to erotic fun and games. Don't Tread on Me! features beautiful color reproductions and is the first book dedicated exclusively to Golub's provocative mastery of the figure.