Facing Africa

Facing Africa
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By Mary Nooter Roberts ©1998 * 68 pages, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 47 color and 9 b/w illustrations; map, notes, index. ISBN 0-935172-07-6 (paperback)

The Toledo Museum of Art has a small but choice collection of the art of sub-Saharan Africa. Collecting began in 1958 with a Benin Queen Mother head and a Fang mask that once belonged to French modern artist Maurice Vlaminck. This book combines up-to-date scholarship with field photographs and selections from African literature. Readers are invited to enjoy the process of “turning toward,” “confronting,” and “connecting with” the art and people of Africa. Mary Nooter Roberts is chief curator at the Fowler Museum of Cultural History of the University of California, Los Angeles.