Japanese Treasures: The Art of Netsuke Carving

Japanese Treasures: The Art of Netsuke Carving
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By Carolyn M. Putney 2000 * Co-distributed by Art Media Resources, Ltd., Chicago; printed on low-acid permanent paper, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 67 color and 6 b/w illustrations; Pronunciation Guide, Selected Bibliography, Concordance, Index. ISBN 0-935172-08-4 (paperback)

The Toledo Museum has an outstanding collection of more than 250 Japanese netsuke (NET-skeh). Fifty examples are highlighted in this book. Chapter One relates the history of netsuke. Chapter Two illustrates the most popular types, using additional examples in the collection. Chapter Three explores materials, some information about the carvers, and techniques. Carolyn M. Putney is curator of Asian art at the Toledo Museum of Art.